Rules & Regulations


It means here at ALT, we allow Black Queer folks to be as free as they feel. If you are not Black and/or not Queer you are a visitor at our events. It doesn’t matter who you know, or how you got here- you are to behave as though you are a guest in this space, allowing Black Queer folks priority. Remember that because you are here, there is a Black Queer person who is not. Thank you for understanding!

If tickets are sold out, you will have to purchase tickets at the door if we are offering door sales. If we are not offering sales at the door, we may repost people re-selling their tickets on Instagram.

We try our best to throw events where there is parking available; however, we always suggest carpooling or rideshare.

  • Black Folks to the FRONT!
  • No Homophobia
  • No Transphobia
  • No Fatphobia
  • No Biphobia
  • No Ageism
  • No Hatefulness
  • Always ask consent before interacting with anyone physically
  • Always ask for pronouns! Never assume anyone’s gender or sexuality

If buying a ticket is inaccessible to you, we also offer options for folks to snag free tickets via volunteering at our events. Anytime someone volunteers for us, they get a free ticket and a 1+! If volunteering is out of reach, please send us an email.

No. We do not offer refunds. However, if the event is sold out, you usually are able to re-sell it via Instagram stories. Just tag us and make sure your DMs are open to anyone interested in buying from you.

Yes. Rain or shine, the party must go on!

You heard right! Whether it’s check-in help or assistance with light clean up, we could always use dependable volunteers on the team! We have a Google form you can fill out. We contact each volunteer in the order we receive each request.

We are open to collaborations, especially if they align with the ALT mission! Shoot us an email (we love emails with one-pagers about your business) and let’s talk.

Currently, we’re still exploring the possibilities of adding performances and vendors. We’ll let the world know when we’re ready!

We have a google form specifically for you! Please, fill it out and have a mix ready for us to listen to. If you’re local, we’d prefer to come see you perform live!

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